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Other Orwak products

Sales and service of Orwak hydraulic pressing equipment

Orwak's reliable, quiet and efficient balers are built to work for you. The equipment is designed to ensure the safety of employees when using it. The range is divided into product groups based on similarities in power and function.​

ORWAK-Hidrauliskās preses

Orwak manufacturer's warranty - 1 year.


  • Automatic solutions that produce compact briquettes

  • The Brickman family of products turns large amounts of waste into small briquettes for recycling

  • Convenient, fully automated sealing solutions

  • Indoor placement options due to compact design and low sound emission

  • An impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1

  • Pressing capacity: 25 tons

  • Volume to be pressed (kg / h): 300 - 1400



  • Fully automated balers (can be operated in manual mode) solve the problems of centralized and large-scale waste processing

  • Designed for continuous feeding and automatic vertical or horizontal strap fastening

  • A wide range of additional systems is available: conveyor belts, shredders, various types of tanks, container tippers

  • Pressing capacity: 10 - 80 tons

  • Volume to be pressed (kg / h): 1000 - 13000

Orwak spare parts and accessories

  • Original spare parts, installation

  • Waste bags for pressing machines

  • Plastic tapes for baling

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