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Sales and service of Orwak hydraulic compacting equipment

Member of LCCI

We are pleased to announce that "Compoe" SIA has become a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on March 28, 2022. With this step, we confirm the desire to be active in developing the business environment in Latvia, offering both effective products and promoting quality cooperation.


The partner of "Compoe" SIA is the Swedish manufacturer of hydraulic pressing equipment Orwak. With their help, the amount of waste can be reduced by 90%. Pressing solutions are an important contribution to effective waste management, sustainable development, well-being in the workplace and compliance with environmental regulations. The purpose of material compression is to transform something large and bulky into something smaller and compact - Compact is Impact (Orwak slogan).

Link to "Compoe" SIA profile on LCCI website >>

An addition to the Orwak Compact models

Orwak launches additions to the most compact vertical balers. The new 3075 and 3150 models complement the other members of the COMPACT family perfectly in terms of size and capacity and produce impressive bales that are optimized for logistics. The 3075 generates bale weights up to 70 kg, and two bales fit perfectly on a Europallet. The 3150 produces cardboard bales weighing up to 150 kg, and the bale size is optimized for the Europallet.

The 3075 and 3150 share the same great features in user-friendliness, safety and communication and, like other COMPACT presses, are easy to position. They are ideal for small to medium quantities of packaging materials in various industries and help save time, space and money.

Recycled plastic in bales:

From now on, Orwak Compact and Power covers will be made from 90% recycled plastic. This is great news from a sustainability perspective and is part of Orwak's long-term commitment to the environment.

Since recycled plastic can only be black, Orwak models gain some of the charm of this classic color.

The newest and shortest from POWER

Orwak 3220 – compact design with a transport and installation height of only 2000 mm.

The operation of the compactor is fast and with a cycle time of 16 seconds it is ready for a new carton or PET load. The 3220 model features the same user-friendly operator panel and advanced features. It also has special software for successful compaction of PET material, where the material is held under pressure for several minutes to expel more air. A characteristic feature is maximum safety for the operator and people nearby. The device meets the safety requirements of EN 16500:2014.


A service that allows the baler to send a message when it needs attention. On the Orwak Connect web portal, it is possible to monitor your press fleet 24 hours a day and collect the necessary statistics on pressing. It is possible to receive information as soon as the baler is full or in need of maintenance, and an employee (any representative of the company) can make sure that the machine is back up and running quickly to avoid unnecessary downtime.


Throw away the garbage without contact with TOM

The TOM is about the same size as a regular waste bin, but can hold up to 7 times more waste.

TOM saves time, space and money + maintains an orderly and hygienic environment.

Hands-free operation: the motion sensor is activated when someone approaches and the TOM automatically opens the shutter. Full tank indicator. Colorful stickers instantly transform the TOM from a trash compactor to a billboard.

If it breaks, we'll fix it

Sometimes equipment breaks - some balers are 20 years old, some are not used properly. COMPOe provides on-site service at the customer's address and, if necessary, repairs in the workshop.
On the spot we can diagnose and repair electrical problems as well as hydraulic faults. 🚑

Equipment is usually taken to the workshop when hydraulic cylinders need to be changed, welding is required or there is a complex problem that cannot be done at the customer's site.

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